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Prospective Tenants

Pet Policy

The lessor or owner of any property has the right to allow or not to allow pets on a case by case basis. Compliance with the following pet policy requirements is not implied permission to harbor a pet on a premise. Previous written authorization and or permission must be granted in writing and documented within the rental agreement between the lessee and REMG.

Breed Restrictions:

Breed restrictions vary by the county in which the property is located. The lessee is responsible for researching restrictions of specific breeds with the county and ensuring compliance with all provisions required by county municipal code.

Health Certification

In order to obtain authorization of acceptance for a pet, the lessee must provide certification from a veterinarian as to size, weight, neutered, spayed, specific breed or multiple breed in the case of a mix, and that the pet has all required immunizations.

Photo Verification

Lessee must supply a photo of the pet with the paperwork for visual verification of pet size, color, breed etc.

Pet Owner’s Responsibility

Lessee shall clean up after the Pet at all times on the premises, in all common areas as well as in all areas of the property in which the premises are situated. Lessee shall keep the pet(s) reasonable quiet at all times. Lessee agrees that the Pet shall not be taken outside the premises, unless the pet is on a leash. The pet shall be walked only in the area(s) so designated by Lessor. Lessee agrees that in the event of any violation of the terms and conditions set forth above, the Lessor shall have the right to demand removal of the pet from the premises.

Properties that will allow a pet are subject to the following fees and deposits:

1 Pet: $36.00 per Month Pet Rent
$300.00 Additional Deposit
2 Pet: $50.00 per Month Pet Rent
$400.00 Additional Deposit
3 Pet: $75.00 per Month Pet Rent
$500.00 Additional Deposit
*Pets allowed with prior approval only
*Pets under 6 months old not allowed
*No more than 3 pets allowed at property without further approval by the Property Manager.


Application Process/Securing a property

Application process may vary between 24-72 hours. If application is incomplete the process may exceed the given time frame. Real Estate Management Group does their best to inform the applicant of the current status or if further documents are needed to complete the process. However, it is the applicants responsibility to check the status of their application should they have questions or concerns.


Upon Approval of your application a Security Deposit is required to hold the residence. The security deposit must be in the form of a money order, credit card or cashier’s check only.

  • Each adult occupant must complete a separate application.
  • In the event that your application is approved and you have submitted your security deposit to hold your residence and if for any reason you decide not to take the residence after we have taken the home off the market your security deposit will be forfeited.


Gross Income must be equal to or exceed three (3) times your monthly rent. If there is more than one applicant your incomes can be combined. Your source of income must be verifiable by a tax return, previous year W-2, 30 day or less pay stub or other similar documents.

  • At least one (1) applicant must have been continuously employed for the last twelve (12) months or have a verifiable source of funds sufficient to satisfy the equivalent of one year’s rental obligation.


Applicant must provide landlord’s information and have given proper notice to current landlord; and must have prompt payment history that is verifiable and receive a positive recommendation from applicant(s) current landlord. At least two (2) years of rental history is required


Applicant’s credit report must be favorable and meet the minimum credit score requirements. Three sources or more of good credit will be required. Medical collections may be waived (dependent on amount and specifications). All other collections may be waived if proper documentation is provided to show the applicant is cooperative with the collection agency.


Applicant and all proposed occupants must have no felony convictions. Applicant and all proposed occupants must not have been convicted of any crimes involving violence against others, including but not exclusively, assault, battery, rape, abuse of any adult or child or any crime involving assault, or endangerment of a child, and may not have been adjudicated a sexual predator, habitual sexual offender or sexual offender.


Two (2) occupants are allowed per bedroom per Keating Memorandum.

Department of Housing and Urban Development


Each applicant must provide a pictured identification card and social security number at the time of application.


All cosigners must meet all requirements listed above to cover both their own financial requirements as well as those from the pending residence. Acceptance of a co-signer is subject to owner approval.


All applicants that own a vehicle must be listed on the application and provide vehicle registration.

Disclaimer: **All fees and content are subject to change. Please contact our office for confirmation and detail.**